Lodging Options To Meet Your Needs

Strong Rock has various housing options depending on the needs of your group. All of our lodging is climate controlled, carpeted and very clean. We know that most of our guests spend 85% of their time outside of the rooms, but we have made an effort to be sure that you are comfortable and cozy when in your cabins. Our cabins have a rustic look and feel with modern conveniences. Check out the description below and visit our photo gallery to see what Strong Rock has to offer.

Single Cabins
Nestled between Laurel Lake, Redding Field and the gym, our single cabins place guests right in the center of several recreation amenities.  These five cabins can hold up to 18 guests each, with 16 beds in the main bunk room and two beds in the adjoining semi-private chaperone room. Additionally, each cabin has its own bathroom, covered porch, and emergency exits. Capacity in our single cabin area is 90 guests.

Duplex Cabins
Another style of lodging at Strong Rock is our Duplex Cabins. This cabin area has three buildings that allow for separation into six separate housing units. Situated in the heart of camp, these cabins are central to White Pine Lodge and adjacent to Adams Lake. Each side of the duplex sleeps 14, with 12 in bunk beds and two in the adjoining semi-private chaperone rooms. Each side also has its own bathroom, emergency exit and a shared covered porch. The cabins have a foyer area between the two sides that functions as a small gathering room for devotions or discussions. Capacity in this style of housing is 84.   This cabin area is often used for smaller groups as one of the buildings has an additional meeting room in the basement.

Our lodges are tucked into the woods on the far side of Adams Lake. The two lodges have a total of 10 guest rooms that can be set up several different ways depending on the needs of your group.  These rooms are perfectly suited to house your guest speakers, the band, or a small family. Each room can house up to 6 guests in which there are 4 twin beds bunked and 1 queen bed. All rooms have private baths. Total capacity is 60 guests. 

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