Spiritual Emphasis

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Our philosophy states clearly that we believe in the principles and values taught by Jesus Christ. More importantly, we believe a personal relationship with Him is crucial to abundant and purposeful living.  The compassion and mercy we have received from Him is what motivates us to share His message with others.

We want every camper to feel loved unconditionally, as they are, thus feeling accepted and free to discover more about who they are. Part of this discovery takes place during morning and evening Lifelines. At morning Lifeline, campers will get to sing and worship and hear a short message from the director.  In evening Lifeline, campers participate in a short group devotion. Additionally, just before turning out the lights, counselors check in with campers individually to help them reflect on what they are learning.  These three times of devotion and reflection each day are designed to help campers explore spiritual truths affecting life.

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