Skill Classes - The Joy of Learning

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Whether you want to try something new or improve the skills you have, the classes here will not disappoint. There are five 50-minute periods a day, so you have plenty of chances to fill your schedule with things you enjoy. With landsports, waterfront activites, creative classes, target sports, and more, there is truly something for everyone.

Counselors bring training, knowledge and enthusiasm to every class. Their greatest desire is for you to enjoy what you're learning as you put it into practice. Your success is our mission and we hope you find a new activity you can enjoy at camp and beyond. With every class we want to see you growing in self-confidence as you meet each new challenge.

The merit system is an addition to our program that has been implemented to give campers an opportunity to challenge themselves in skill classes. Each class has 4 levels that can be achieved by meeting specified goals. Ranks can be earned by reaching multiple levels in a variety of skill classes. 

The skill classes fall into these general areas:

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