Water Sports

All water activities and skill classes take place on Adams and Laurel Lakes. Certified lifeguards will carefully watch out for your safety so you and your friends can have the most fun possible.  Everyone at camp takes a swim test on Opening Day so we can find out who can swim in the deep end or how we can help you get there.

The "coolest" activity at camp! Take a dip in Adams Lake each day as we play all sorts of exciting water games to help you learn new swimming strokes.

Grab a partner, a paddle, and a PFD (life jacket)! Your instructors will teach you all about paddling, carrying, and even rescuing your canoe as they use a boat load of games, competitions, and obstacle courses that make paddling fun.

Enjoy flying high!  After jumping from the tower onto this large inflatable pillow, you'll send your friends sailing into the water! Crawl down to the opposite end and await your turn to be launched off. Blobbing is not a skill class, but is offered as a part of the swimming class and during Camper Choice skill time. Everyone wears a PFD for the blob so anyone up for the challenge can participate.

Everyone needs a good "the one that got away" story. Learning to fish can be hours of fun and something you can do throughout the rest of your life.  Instructors will show you how to handle your tackle and equipment, as well as techniques for catching catfish, bream, and largemouth bass.

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