Sports and Games

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Whether you like being on a team, or individual sports are more your style, we have a sport for you.

Team Sports

You will have fun playing as a team as you learn the basics in several sports including basketball, field hockey, volleyball, and flag football.  Besides building your skills, you will learn to apreciate the value of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and healthy competition.

Rec Sports
Some of the most fun sports out there are the ones you won't play in P.E. In this class you will learn the rules, skills, and strategies of Table Tennis (aka Ping Pong), Disc Golf, Corn Hole, Four-Square, and more. You can surprise your counselor with your new found skills and challenge them to a game during freetime!

Climbing Wall
Scaling the heights of our indoor climbing wall is an unforgettable challenge! Beginners and experienced climbers alike enjoy this class. We will teach you the safety and techniques of climbing and belaying as well as knot tying, types of equipment used in the sport, and much more.

Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee
Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.  Ultimate Frisbee swaps the skills of your feet for the smooth and graceful flight of the frisbee. The basic play of both sports are similar and whether the game is on the ground or in the air, you are sure to find hours of fun on the field.

In this class you will learn power, grace, balance, and control.  Instructors will teach you basic tumbling or help experienced gymnasts tackle some new moves. This class performs at the end of the session so you can display what you have learned.

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