One of the greatest things about camp is learning about God's great creation.  Whether you love science, want to know more about surviving in the wilderness, or want to learn more about God's word, we have a class to meet your curiosity.

Super Science
In this class you will learn about nature through fun, hands-on activities, and participate in some very interesting science experiments. Physics, biology, earth science, and chemistry come together in one awesome skill class as you explore the fabulous world God has made.

Outdoor Living
Building and cooking over a fire, learning to use a compass, and building a shelter are just a few of the skills you will enjoy in this class. We want you to experience the excitement of the outdoors as you learn survival skills and how to use the natural world the "old school" way. Ask your parents to take you camping and show them how great a woodsman you are!

Bible Study
(rising 7th grade and older / Main Camp only)
Bring your Bible and a pen to the class and dive into God's Word. Come and study characters from the Bible as well as biblical pricinciples and truths that will deepen your relationship with Christ.

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