Tribal Spirit, Tribal Pride

Tribal competitions are a big part of our program here at Strong Rock. On the first night of camp, each new camper participates in our Tribal Selection Ceremony where they will be inducted into one of two tribes, the Waya or the Awahili. Campers remain a part of their tribe throughout their camp years.

"Waya" is Cherokee for "wolf," and is represented by the colors red and black. The Awahili Tribe is represented by the eagle and the colors blue and white. Tribal songs, cheers, and chants are always a part of nightly competitions. Long standing cheers are a part of the tribal tradition at Strong Rock, however each summer, campers and staff work together to create new cheers in hopes of boosting their tribe to a victory. Before each competition, tribes are given an opportunity to face off and show their tribal pride as they prepare to battle it out on the field.

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