Evening Activities

If you were to drive into camp on a summer evening you may encounter soldiers armed with socks, Oompa Loompas stealing Gobstoppers, or even a miner looking for gold, but don't worry it's just one of our crazy evening activities. 

Each evening campers compete in various activities, many of which are set up as Tribal Competitions.  During our thirteen-day sessions, campers get the added bonus of Saturday theme days, Sunday afternoon activities, and overnight campouts.  Some of our activities include:

Battle Sock
Beach Party
Bedlam Ball
Command and Conquer
East West Conquest
Gobstopper Grab
Gold Rush
King of the Hill
Multimate Frisbee
Newspaper Party
Power Grid
Redneck Games
Smugglers and Spies
Sock War
Space Crusaders
Strong Rock Scramble
Super Hero Day
Super Soccer
Tag Tag Tag
Underground Railroad
Variety Show

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