Information for Camp Parents

ArcheryArrival, Departure, and Transportation
Check-in is between 1:00-3:00 PM on the opening day of your child’s session. Check-in will not be permitted before this time. Check-out on closing day begins at 8:45 AM. Parents are invited to join us for our closing program at 10:00 AM and a picnic lunch is provided after the ceremony for our entire camp family! While most of our campers arrive by car, pick up from and transportation to Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta is available for a fee of $75 each way. **Opening day is always on Sunday while closing day is always on Friday**

Strong Rock highly discourages visitation during the camp session, as it disrupts the flow of camp life. When parents come to visit their campers they must consider the potential negative effect on other campers who do not receive visitors.

However, we would encourage you to visit us before sending your child to camp. Our directors would love to spend time with you and your family, and give you a tour. Please contact the office to schedule a visit.
Mail, E-mail, and Phone Calls
We strongly encourage sending letters to your camper. Care packages may be sent as well, and will be opened at lunch time in the dining hall. Food is not allowed in the cabins, so any items not eaten will remain in the Dining Hall. (Rodents and bugs dislike this rule!) If you send food, please send enough for your child's cabin to share. Letters and care packages, with names and dates to be delivered, can be left in the front office for your camper.
Campers are not allowed to call home, as it disrupts the camp experience. We can get a message to your child in case of an emergency, but encourage the use of our CampInTouch parent e-mail service or a good old-fashioned letter instead. Please do not send faxes or emails to the office e-mail address.
E-mailing your camper is a great way to communicate with them quickly. Strong Rock has a secure e-mail service and summer photo gallery. This service is provided through your CampInTouch account that you create when registering for camp. There is a small fee to email your campers and download photos.
Camper Conduct
We believe that rules and guidelines for behavior can help ensure that every camper has equal opportunity to grow, learn, and enjoy their stay. For this reason, the directors reserve the right to terminate any camper’s stay if the camper chooses to repeatedly break the rules of conduct and hinder the purpose of camp. The possession of weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited while at camp. We feel that by violating this policy, the camper has chosen to be sent home.
Campers are required to have health insurance and a health exam before camp begins.  Local physicians and a regional hospital are available in emergencies. It is our policy that a director or camp nurse will notify parents in the event of an accident, injury, or illness that results in a change in the child’s medical condition. Should a camper sustain an injury or illness at camp and need to see a physician, their personal insurance will be used. Parents will also be responsible for any co-payments and prescription costs that result. Physical forms may be printed off and can be found in your CampInTouch account, or you may call to request one. It must be presented and properly filled out by a physician before your child is allowed to stay.  Should your child have a special medical need, please contact us to discuss our ability to accomodate your individual circumstances.
Electronic Devices, Personal Sports Equipment and Valuables
Although our world is becoming increasingly electronically dependent, CD players, Ipods, MP3 players, cell phones, hand-held games, and all other similar devices are not allowed at camp. All such items will be held in the office and returned to campers at the end of the session. Campers are encouraged to leave valuable or expensive cameras, sports equipment, watches and other jewelry at home. Camp will not be responsible for the loss or damage to such items. All cash should be deposited into the campers Outpost account and will not be allowed in the cabin. Campers may not bring any pets to camp.
Laundry service is provided once during our Main Camp sessions. Please send a laundry bag and make sure all clothing, towels, sheets, washcloths, etc. are labeled.
Dress Code
Strong Rock has a modest dress code. T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts with modest hemline are always the best bet at camp. In order to create the environment we desire, we must enforce the following dress code:
  • Clothing that expresses distasteful or vulgar messages or images will not be allowed.
  • Clothing that is revealing, such as very short shorts, shirts that expose the midriff, or clothing that is excessively tight will not be allowed. Boys may wear sleeveless shirts, but will be asked to keep their shirts on, except for swimming.
  • Campers should leave any footwear that does not have a rear strap or back to it at home. They will not be allowed to wear them in classes that require physical activity.
  • We request that parents send swimsuits with their daughters that do not reveal their midriff. If they do not have one, please send a dark t-shirt with them that they may swim in. They will not be allowed to wear swimsuits that are revealing.
  • Campers staying two weeks may bring a nicer outfit for Sunday morning services, but shorts are fine.
  • Campers intending to take horseback riding MUST bring pants. Long pants are necessary to keep stirrup leathers from pinching and rubbing the rider’s leg. Campers will also be required to wear boots with a smooth sole. We have a limited supply of boots, but request that campers bring their own pair if they already have them. No camper will be allowed to ride in tennis shoes, hiking boots with treads, or duck boots with treads. Anything but a smooth sole and defined heel can hang up in the stirrup and be dangerous. Please do not hinder your camper’s participation by forgetting this request.
Lost and Found
Strong Rock’s staff will do all they can to ensure your camper goes home with all that they brought to camp. To assist us with this phenomenal feat, we ask that each camper have his or her name written on each item when possible, even disposable cameras, and toiletries. Please write in permanent pen, on or near the tag. We maintain a Lost and Found until September 1st. After September 1st, Lost and Found items will be donated to a local charity.
As a part of our continued effort to provide the best quality experience possible for your family, we would like to share with you the goals Strong Rock has for each camper.  After your child’s session we will be asking you to complete an evaluation form that will allow you to provide feedback concerning your child’s accomplishment in some of these goals.  Click here to see a list of these goals.

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