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ACA LogoACA Accreditation
We believe remaining consistent with objective standards developed by thousands of camp professionals is an important part of providing the best, and safest, camp experience. ACA membership requires us to meet up to three hundred standards covering Site and Food Service, Transportation, Health and Wellness, Operational Management, Human Resources, and Program Design. Since 1910 the ACA has been an important part of making great camps even better and we are proud to be members.

We've never taken safety concerns lightly.  ACA sets the best standards in the camping industry and that is why Strong Rock chooses to be accredited by the ACA. We proudly display the ACA accreditation logo as a stamp of approval. ACA Accreditation is the best guarantee of professionalism in camping, and it lets you know we have taken the time to insure our program and our site meets the strictest codes of safety and excellence. You'll find ongoing improvement throughout our program, environment, staff, campers and procedures. We have an "open door" policy and are eagerly awaiting your praise or concerns.

Click here to learn more about the American Camp Association. You may also want to click here to learn more about the benefits of accreditation and how it may affect your child's camp experience.

Markel Safety 1st Award
Fun is only second to safety! Strong Rock is proud to be the recipient of the Safety 1st Award from Markel Insurance for the last several years!  The Director of Safety Education at Markel explained that Strong Rock was selected for this esteemed safety award "based on your proven safety record, which demonstrates your superior commitment to safety. We're proud of the work you've done to keep the children in your care safe." In selecting recipients of this award, Markel pays close attention to the camp's training and facility improvements.

Healthy Camp Study
Strong Rock has voluntarily participated in The Healthy Camp Study sponsored by The Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, The Christian Camp and Conference Association and the Association of Camp Nurses. These sponsoring organizations are working together to track camp illnesses and injuries, monitor trends in camp health, identify risk and protection factors, and track/analyze appropriate intervention strategies. We chose to be a part of this study because of our commitment to the health and safety of our camp family.  It is our desire to contribute to the development of programs that reduce the number of illnesses and injuries and provide very specific staff training on effective interventions. Our hope is that our participation will make a proven difference in the health awareness and performance of all camps!

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