Everyone Loves a HERO

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HERO Program (rising 10th graders)
This voluntary program is the perfect stepping stone for campers wanting to make a difference in the world. Beyond the traditional camp fun, this program gets you engaged in interactive group discussions about the importance of Christian role models and gives you the opportunity to practice being one. Every day has a different topic of discussion and a task for you to perform. If you have a desire to be a leader, have influence over others, and leave a positve mark on society, then this is a great place to start!

HERO II Program (rising 11th graders)
An independent phase of the program offered during Main Camp sessions, HERO II encourages you to dig deeper into the responsibilities and skills of servant leadership. You will study the techniques and character traits necessary for motivating others, in addition to getting hands-on experience as an assistant instructor in a skill class. Good leadership and sound faith are extremely important in our changing world and we need more young people to rise to the challenge. 

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