The Merit System-A Challenge By Choice

It is our desire to see each camper learn new skills and leave with a new hobby that they can enjoy for a lifetime. The merit system allows campers to strive towards clearly stated goals in each of their skill classes. While this is an optional program, campers who choose to participate can 'level up' when they meet these goals. Each level becomes more challenging than the previous and multiple summers will be needed to master each skill. Once levels are achieved in multiple classes, campers earn ranks. Levels include:


(Level 1): one who searches or seeks something

  • The Hunter is the camper eager to begin the journey of developing skills and abilities.
  • To earn the rank of Hunter, the level of Hunter must be achieved in 4 skill classes.

Brave (Level 2): one who is ready to face and endure danger or pain

  • The Brave is the camper willing to put forth extra effort into acquiring new skills.
  • To earn the rank of Brave, the level of Brave must be achieved in 5 skill classes.

(Level 3): one who puts himself in danger to go ahead of the
group and discover a path
  • The Scout is the camper searching for deeper understanding of his chosen skill areas and willing to work hard to show solid proficiencies in each class.
  • To earn the rank of Scout, the level of Scout must be achieved in 6 skill classes.

(Level 4): one who is a leader of the group

  • The Chieftain is the camper showing a deep desire for learning and enduring great effort to show maximum proficiency in the skill area. They have demonstrated the ability to go above and beyond what is expected of most campers.
  • To earn the rank of Chieftain, the level of Chieftain must be achieved in 4 skill classes.

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