A Story of Faithfulness

Do you ever think about how God is in the details of your life? I have experienced it countless times in my own life, and we often see Him at work here at camp as well. It is absolutely amazing how when we have a need, whether it’s to find just the right person to hire for a specific position, or finding enough money to pay a bill, God is faithful every time. I have occasionally pondered why it seems that He usually fills needs just in the nick of time. We’ve often sweated the timing of His provision. He knows what He is doing; I believe He wants us to get to the place where we know He is the only one who can meet the need.

I will relate an example in our personal life. James and I were married right out of college, one vehicle between us, and jobless. We took temporary jobs, with high expectations of the camp we met at hiring us full time. We would be set, and happy. That wasn’t to be, and we floated a little confused and lost for the next several months. We knew we weren’t doing what we were called to do (camp), but couldn’t seem to figure out a way to make it happen. We trusted God for the next step, and felt we were to stay put until God made the next move clear, even though we were both unhappy with our present job situations. We stayed in limbo for the next 6 months. Then a camp just 45 minutes away from us, that we didn’t previously know even existed, contacted US! We spent the next four years serving there, learning lessons that benefit us even today. We learned that God was orchestrating our move during the 6 month period, lining things up for our positions there. The jobs would not have even been available prior to that time.

I can recount so many times during my life, and during the life of Strong Rock, that God has asked for our trust and then followed through in ways that we could never have imagined possible. He is so faithful! This summer you will meet the fruits of His faithfulness. We always pray for God to send the right summer staff members, counselors who will impact the lives of campers, and auxillary staff who will do the same. We are excited about His answers to our prayers in that regard, and can’t wait for you to meet this summer’s staff!

Try a little exercise this week. Think back to times God showed his faithfulness to You in supplying needs. Write down as many as you can. Notice Him in the details. Then praise Him for His attentive care!

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