New and Improved!

Can you believe that camp is less than 100 days away? We have been busy preparing for another awesome summer. One project in the works is our new campfire area. We loved our old campfire area, but over the years the benches were damaged by weather and bugs.

Rick, aka “Eastwood,” and camp dad Curtis Davidson have been busy replacing all the benches with new ones. First they had to build new benches. They look kind of tall here, but don’t worry, most of that leg is going in the ground.

Then, the old benches were removed and the ground was leveled.

Next, they loaded up the new benches on the trailer to haul them down to Laurel Lake where they measured out the area, dug holes, and installed them. They were then secured in place by pouring concrete into each hole.

It’s been a muddy job and the work is not quite done, but we are close. We will be staining the benches, installing some new drainage pipes and adding fresh mulch to make the area even more beautiful than before.

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3 Responses to New and Improved!

  1. Nurse Jenny says:

    I think a small area in the back for nurse supplies, meds and a cushioned recliner would be a great addition!! The new benches look wonderful!

  2. Bacon says:

    We’ll get right on that Jenny… Sorry for the oversight:)

  3. T-Bone says:

    Wow, definitely some major work when in to this.

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