2014 Sneak Peak

Boy are we ever excited about this upcoming summer. Rambo and I, along with Sprinkles, Scout, T-Bone and Trip are hard at work trying to make this summer the best one yet. Each summer brings us excitement, but this one is extra special as it will be our 10th summer since opening. We feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to continue this ministry and can’t wait to usher in the next ten years.

We will release more and more details over the next few months as we get everything in place, but here are a few items in the hopper that we are working on.

Revamp of Skill Program
T-Bone and Trip are already in the office daily working on an overhaul of our skill classes. Basically, the goal is to develop an achievement based system allowing campers to obtain different levels or ranks in the classes they take. This will elevate the skill program by allowing participants to pursue pre-established benchmarks as they work towards skill progression. There will even be incentives for campers to try some classes that they may not normally take. This system will be maintained year to year so that campers can pick up where they left off the year before as well.

Gaga Pit
We had hoped to install this last year, but ran out of time with the Gazebo Project taking priority. So, this year, plan on finding a brand new game to play with your friends as we build a Gaga Pit near the lodge for another free time / cabin choice option. If you haven’t heard of Gaga Ball before, look it up online and start planning your strategy to become the official Strong Rock Gaga Champion. Here’s a quick picture to give you an idea of what it will look like.

Coming to SRC - Summer 2014.

Coming to SRC – Summer 2014.

Alumni Association
We are in the process of trying to put together / start an Alumni and Friends Association as we celebrate the milestone of our 10 year anniversary. Our hope is to form a non-profit alumni association to allow former campers, staff, parents and friends of Strong Rock to stay connected to camp even after their time here is over. Camp relationships can last a lifetime, so our hope is that the association will help facilitate those bonds developed here and create an outlet for reaching out to others who have found camp to be an integral part of their life. We also hope that through the Alumni Association we can begin a scholarship fund to help bring more campers to camp who may not be able to afford it otherwise. Though this is in the early stages of planning, if we can pull this idea together, we may even kick it off with some sort of Alumni and Friends Reunion held at camp this summer.

We are throwing around several other thoughts and may have more announcements later to help us celebrate this summer, but we wanted to give you a little taste of some of the things in store. We still have space in our 1-week programs for both genders, so if you know of campers from rising 1st – rising 6th grade who might want to be a part of Strong Rock, send them our way. We also have some space in Session 5 for both genders. Sessions 2 and 4 are tight with a bit of a waiting list, so if you are interested in those, definitely call us immediately to get your name added to the wait list in case we have some cancellations. Typically the next month or two is when we start seeing a little movement in our waiting lists.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for updates on these projects as well as any other enhancements for the upcoming summer. Don’t miss out!!


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