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imagesI’ve done a few book reviews on this blog lately. I love to read- so much so that I’m purposefully avoiding starting a new book right now because I have a lot to accomplish this month, and having a book in the house will keep tasks from happening with any efficiency. However, the one book that as a Christ follower I should want to read above everything else is one I often put off reading the most.

I find that it’s too easy to neglect God’s word. I’m busy and find myself postponing it until a later time during the day when I “have a few minutes.” It’s amazing how those few minutes never materialize! I can only think that the enemy uses my delay to pack in a bunch of extra things that take up that “later time.” (Clogged toilets, a soccer uniform needing washing at the last minute, appliance or vehicle malfunction, anyone?)

At our church we have been going through a sermon series that challenges us to increase our devotion to God’s word. The points our pastor makes are things I know and have experienced first-hand time and time again. It makes me wonder why I struggle to be faithful with consistent Bible reading.

I found the following reminders to be worthy of posting on the mirror, and by experience know to be true. They are all based on words from Psalm 119. Maybe you will find them helpful and inspiring as well:

  • When I am down His word picks me up. Because we are spiritual beings, it’s not possible for our bodies to be physically strengthened without being spiritually strengthened.
  • When I am sideways His word straightens me out. I have been “sideways” many times during my life, seeing life through my human experience and thinking I was choosing a good, or at least viable path. Many things in life seem filling but are actually empty, and are not truth.
  • When I am scrutinized, His word gives me courage. Living out God’s word puts us under a microscope. Others watch us closely as followers of Christ, and it can be intimidating. His word gives us courage, and we need not fight back when criticized, but simply rest in His truth. There need not be fear when standing before those who aren’t believers and who think we’re crazy…or even worse, unintelligent.

Here is one of my favorite ways to think about God’s word: Think of a message He gives you first thing in the morning as being a companion. It walks with you all day long. When you are faced with temptations or when the enemy arises, it reminds you of what you learned and talked about earlier in the day.

Psalm 119 is powerful because the Psalmist is real with God. It’s full of truth and wonderful reminders for us. I challenge you to read it, and to keep up the habit of spending time in His word every day. (This is much better and a lot more fruitful than the “polar bear challenge” being issued forth on social media these days. Warmer too!)




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