A Holiday Celebration

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we are going to devote this week’s blogging efforts to revealing several cool, or not so cool, things about the upcoming summer. The catch? We may be pulling your leg here and there. You’ll have to stay tuned all week long, and even check back in next week to see which of these are for real and which are jokes. Enjoy the suspense!

Day 1

WHAT?!? Did T-Bone just cut 2 of our favorite classes?

Day 2

Trip’s busy trying to 1-up T-Bone’s madness… Bye, bye Blob :(

Day 3


It appears Bacon is the culprit this time.  Even Winston is saddened by these unfortunate events happening around camp.

Day 4

Will the changes ever stop!?! No more Sprite at camp I guess.

Better stay tuned to find out what’s going on around here…

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