A Little Explanation

In honor of April Fool’s Day, last week we played around a little bit and posted a lot of somewhat controversial pictures of happenings around camp. In case you missed out, here is the link to go back and check those things out. As promised, we are back this week with a little further explanation about those photos and videos.

Up first, T-bone was busy in the office shredding lesson plans for Team Sports as well as Soccer / Ultimate classes. Yes, that really did happen! As we prepare for the 2014 summer and the launch of a completely overhauled skill program, we have made the move to fine tune some of our sports offerings. We are adding a Basketball class, Flag Football class and Soccer class. For now, the plan is to offer Ultimate several times a session during Camper Choice so we will all still get a chance to play. These more focused skill classes will provide a better fit for our new achievement based skill program. (More details about that in the next few weeks)

Day 2 of April found Trip sneaking around at the gym practicing her pyro skills on the Blob. The bad news is the blob has been destroyed. Don’t worry though, we’ve placed an order for a brand new one and it should arrive just in time for camp this summer. We’ve also implemented a Trip-specific ban on lighters and matches around here as well as buddy system requirement for her to assure she is never left alone at camp again.

Day 3 of April featured a photo of yours truly hacking up the woods with a machete, along with a little cameo of Winston shedding tears over the loss of all of those squirrel holding trees. Yes, we have cleared several trees and disrupted nature a bit, but luckily not as bad as the picture would have you believe. As sad as this sounds, we think you’ll love the end result once you get to camp and experience GaGa Ball. We should finish this project in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open for pictures as we continue this addition. As for Winston, we’ve relocated the squirrels for him, so he’s happy again.

The final day of our April Fool’s rant featured Rambo minding his own business sipping a nice, cold Sprite on an unseasonably beautiful day. Out of nowhere, Sprinkles busted in and swatted the can completely out of his hand, reminding him how important it is for him to set the example for our campers. You see, we are doing away with a lot of our canned drinks this summer, replacing them with plastic bottles. Hopefully this will cut down a little on spills (and the ensuing swarms of bees), as well as give campers a way to transport drinks a little longer since they can cap them and take them with them. So, not a complete Can Ban as Sprinkles would have you believe, but we will be cutting out a lot of them.

That is the latest from the home office as we prepare frantically for the oh-so-close opening day of 2014. This 10 year celebration is going to be a blast and we can’t wait to share more about enhancements coming to camp.

See you soon!!

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