Bowl Bonanza Round Up: Day 2

With just one game today we were treated to plenty of excitement and football entertainment.

BYU and Memphis traded blows scores back and forth throughout the first half with BYU holding the edge going into the locker room. Memphis came out strong, taking the lead with two touchdowns and holding BYU scoreless in the third quarter. Then BYU took fire and scored 17 straight points assisted by two defensive takeaways. They appeared to have this one won until the Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch converted on fourth down with 45 seconds left in regulation. He would end the day responsible for all 7 of the Tigers touchdowns either with the pass or his own running game.

In the first overtime both teams had to settle for field goals, with BYU having a touchdown overturned as an incomplete pass. In the second overtime Memphis put one in the endzone and sealed the deal with and interception. Unfortunately the game ended in a brawl, overshadowing what was a great game by both teams.

Our leader board changed dramatically with only one person remaining undefeated. Everyone else going into the day undefeated chose incorrectly.

Here’s our standings:

Sprinkles: 5-1, T-Bone: 4-2, Rambo: 4-2, Trip: 3-3

1st place: (6-0) Ann Lupo

2nd place: (5-1) Terry “The Plainsman” McBride, Matt Moseley, Jennifer McBride, Dora, Jenny Davidson, Collin Kiener, Camryn Kiener, Virginia Hudson, Charles Bond, Kathleen Brantly, Matt Kelley, Jennifer Moseley, Elizabeth Lupo, Daley Williams, Nike, Eddie Lloyd, Nathan Moseley, Shane George, Thomas Darga, Laura Jeffers, Carolyn Jones, Buddy Brantly, Tamlen Darga, Brett Wyatt, Zach Montague, and Cricket

3rd place: (4-2) Ruth Davidson, Bubbles, Maggie Davidson, Sunshine, Scrappy, Todd Lupo, Dan Kiener, Heidi Berggren, Nita Coleman, Paige Tatum, Christine Setzer, Darrin Tarleton, Ryan Esping, Brian Sims, Jacob Bottomley, Erin Leavell, Jennifer Esping, Amy Sims, John Lloyd, Kay Lloyd, Richard Willsea, Brad Anchors, Lyle Carver, Erin Esping, Jill Gargiulo, Michael Humphrey, Mindy Roberts, and _____.

A few folks finished the day at 3-3 and just a few less at 2-4. We do have two players struggling at 1-5. Hopefully tomorrow’s two games will help several of them start a comeback. The vast majority picked Marshall to win, but the second game is almost 50-50. I look forward to seeing who makes a move.

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One Response to Bowl Bonanza Round Up: Day 2

  1. Jeff Esping says:

    Hey all–I see all my families picks but mine-and my records show I’m 6-1. Can you tell me if you received them? Thanks

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