It is Bowl Bonanza Time!

Football season is one of our favorite things about the fall, and as many of you know, one of our favorite contests of the year is our annual Bowl Bonanza. The goal is to select who you think will win each bowl game and see if you finish with a better record than our best office staffer. That means you are picking against Rambo, Sprinkles, T-Bone and Trip. Rambo was the best staffer last year, beating the rest of us by 3 picks. He set the bar at 21-14 last season, which is about where we have finished up the last few years.

On the line are some pretty cool prizes. Our overall winner receives 15% off their camp tuition and a prize package of Outpost goodies shipped to their home. The winner also earns 2000 points towards the Honor of the Warrior Award for the tribe of their choice this summer. Every person that beats the record of our best office staffer will also receive a pretty cool prize pack from camp. Nothing to lose here, so follow the link below, make your picks and sit back to catch some of the best games of the year. We will post updates through the blog so that you can see where you stand in our contest. Check in often to see how you are doing. Click on the picture below to fill out your picks. GOOD LUCK!!

Bowl Bonanza

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