Strong Kids, Rock Star Role Models


According to the American Camp Association (ACA), there are more than 12,000 day and overnight camps in the United States. Every camp wants to provide an experience that is memorable, fun, and that has lasting meaningful impact. Strong Rock certainly has those ends in mind, but there is more we are expecting our campers to take home. James “Rambo” and Corie “Wrangler” Himstedt, the owners and directors, understand that parents are looking for more than nostalgic moments of childhood past. Parents want to know the experiences they choose for their kids will help them develop the range of social skills, moral character and practical tools necessary for success in an ever challenging world.

IMG_8327The counselors and staff at Strong Rock are serious about their responsibility as role models for campers. They take pride in the quality of the instruction they deliver in skill classes and their greatest pleasure is seeing campers growing in knowledge and character. Outside of camp’s version of the classroom, counselors look for opportunities to help campers develop meaningful relationships, navigate good decision-making, wade through moral challenges, and discover what God wants them to know about Him and themselves.

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