2016 Bowl Bonanza Round Up #2: The next 12 games

imagesMy holiday travels are finally over, so now I can focus on really important things, like post-season college football and our Bowl contest standings! I really enjoy my family, the Christmas holidays, and keeping up with our competition. Unfortunately those three things have not all played nice with each other this year. Now that I am back in the office, I will have more time to keep you up to date more regularly. With that said, here we go!

I should have know better that to pick against the home team in this one, but Hawaii didn’t have a winning record and I figured they were just happy to be in the post season. Boy was I wrong (along with 72% of us). It took a lot of trickery and goofy play choices, but Hawaii had this one in the bag by the end of the 3rd.

In our tied-for-first-as-the-most-lopsided-picked game (97%), the winner almost gave us a heart attack. Mississippi State had a roller coaster year and finished with a losing record, but they certainly had all the talent to handle Miami(OH) easily. It is rare to block a kick in football, but the Bulldogs blocked an extra point attempt earlier in the game and then a field goal attempt in the final 8 seconds to arguably steal this one.

BC vs Maryland was the classic game of two teams expected be a defensive showcase that turned into an offensive surprise. Explosive plays were the theme of the evening. Our picks were a dead even split. Congrats the the BC choosers.

Vanderbilt definitely had more momentum going into this game and perhaps they had a little too much confidence because of that. 58% of us believed they were the right choice, but NC State had other plans and proved us wrong in tremendous fashion. Vandy was never in this one. I am glad I gambled on the Wolfpack.

As it should be with a team named for the branch of the military designed for ground attack, Army put on a show with their running game. With almost 500 yards on the ground, Army punched it through in overtime on a fourth down and goal. The Mean Green of North Texas kicked a field goal to send the game to OT, but they couldn’t get close enough to score again. 89% of us had Army for the win.

Although Temple lost its head coach (to Baylor) before the start of Bowl season, their 10-win regular season and 24th ranking had 67% of us confident they could handle Wake Forest. With all the WakeyLeaks talk over the last two months, it was hard to imagine the Demon Deacons being focused enough to win this one. They jumped out to a sizeable lead and held on for the win even as Temple came storming back.

To continue the season of surprises, Washington State let most of us down with a terribly sloppy game. Minnesota took advantage of it and pulled off  the upset. 15% of us were super pleased with the upset pick.

SIC’EM BEARS! After such a tumultuous season with my school struggling with the repercussions of some terrible actions of some athletes and students, losing our head coach, and then our star quarterback, it would be totally natural to throw in the towel and not be adequately prepared for a bowl game. Fortunately for my alma mater and the 54% of us who still believed, that wasn’t the case. Our Freshman QB looked like a veteran, our top wideout was practically perfect, and my Bears looked like the team they started out to be. I pray that everyone affected by the scandal can heal and move forward from here.

I know anything can happen in a bowl game, but you certainly don’t plan on losing the top two athletes on your team when you pick it. I have to believe that Pitt would have won the game if they had not lost their running back and quarterback to injuries. It is a shame for a team to win when they aren’t playing the best opponent the other team has to offer. No matter…injuries happen and that’s just football. Congrats to Northwestern and the 7% of you who picked them.

I usually don’t pick against Richt, but I also typically do pick against Miami. They are certainly better than they have been in a long time and they are not the team they once were…for the better. I am excited to watch where they go with Mark in charge. West Virginia was so impressive during the regular season I was confident they were up to the task. With less than 230 yards of offense and 108 yards in penalties, they definitely didn’t impress or appear to come ready to play. 72% picked the Hurricanes.

Utah pickers, 89% of us, were happy to see them do what they have done most of the season. With a stout running game doing its thing and a stiff pass rush putting on the pressure, the Utes overcame four ugly turnovers and beat the Hoosiers with a late field goal.

Sometimes it just isn’t your day. If it weren’t for the Utes, I would have been 0-4 on Dec. 28th. If there was to be a pick I would be happy to get wrong, though, this one would have to be it. Baylor fans don’t care for Aggies and K State’s Coach Bill Snyder is awesome guy. 87% of us got this one wrong and for once, I am ok with that being the case.

SOOOO, after another long wait, here is where we stand with 25 games played:

In the office:

Rambo and Sprinkles (what?): 14-11, Scoot: 13-12, T-Bone: 11-14, and poor Trip: 9-16

All of you:

1st place: (18-7) Rachel Wiley and Mike Hochman

2nd place: (17-8) Michael Hutter, Regina Hutter, and Michele Richards

3rd place: (16-9) Julia Lancaster and Matt Moseley

4th place: (15-10) Aubrey Williams, Jennifer Lancaster, Terrence McBride, Kelly Mensinger/Riley Carlton, David Maggiore, Lisa Adams, and Rachel “Willow” Sauls

tied with us: (14-11) Jennifer George, Kate McBride, Will McBride, Jennifer Moseley, Libby Pittman, Heidi Berggren, Emma Tracy, Laura Watkins, Betsy Bottomley, Jason Hutto, David “Rhythm” Carter, and Nathan Moseley

It is sad to see Trip having such a poor season after finishing in a tie for first place in our office picks last year. At least she has some company from Brice “Kronk” Dollar, our outstanding flag football lead instructor from this past summer. If you find yourself joining them with more in the losing column than the winning one, don’t fret too much. we still have a lot of football to play.

‘Til tomorrow…

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