2016 Bowl Bonanza Round Up #3: The Competition Tightens A Bit

imagesThis update is on a quick turnaround. Yesterday’s games were underway as I was posting and we have today’s games starting in an hour or so. Since I prefer to be watching instead of writing, I am going to recap yesterday and then do a little work while I enjoy some football. With five games today, tomorrow’s update will likely see some more movement on our leaderboard. The three games in today’s recap caused some changes, as you will see below.

Charlie Strong’s new team certainly left a good impression on him as the Bulls made some explosive plays and took great advantage of their forced turnovers. The Gamecocks have had a rough season and after this bowl game, it doesn’t look like next season will be any better. With the majority of their starters returning, this overtime win for USF should be a sign of good things to come next season. 70% of us picked the Bulls.

Arkansas looked poised to upset most of us pickers (61% chose VT) with a dominating first half of play. With a 24-0 lead at the half, it appeared that this game was over and the Hokies were no match for the Razorbacks. Obviously the Hokies didn’t think so. Not only did they find their offense, scoring the game’s final 35 points, they also found their defense and shut out Arkansas in the second half. This has been typical for Arkansas this season and it may put Coach Bielema on the hot seat, if he wasn’t already.

The final game of the day was a great matchup on paper, with a powerful offense taking on a touted defense. Unfortunately for Colorado, the defense was a no-show. Oklahoma State showed why they were the Big-12 Conference runner-ups. There was very little the Buffs could do to slow them down, much less stop them. Even without a missed call in OkSt’s favor, Colorado never had a chance. 54% of us picked correctly.

I am happy to have a 3-0 day. It has been a while since I picked a perfect one. It helped me on our side of this competition, but many of you made moves up the ladder as well. Our new results:

In the office:

Rambo and Sprinkles: 17-11, Scoot: 15-13, T-Bone: 12-16, and Trip: 11-17

All of you:

1st place: (21-7) Rachel Wiley (all alone in first…way to go!)

2nd place: (20-8) Mike Hochman (a little slip, but still in the hunt)

3rd place: (19-9) Regina Hutter and Michele Richards

4th place: (18-10) Aubrey Williams, Kelly Mensinger/Riley Carlton, Michael Hutter, Matt Moseley, Lisa Adams, and Rachel “Willow” Sauls

tied with us: (17-11) Jennifer Lancaster, Libby Pittman, Heidi Berggren, Terrence McBride, Julia Lancaster, Laura Wilkins, and David Maggiore

For today’s Hall of Shame, Trip has moved up a little to leave Kronk near the bottom by himself. Fortunately for him, Leo is rapidly trying to get there to give him some company!

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