2017 Bowl Bonanza Round Up #3: Almost A Perfect Day

imagesAlmost. I was just this close to 4-0. You can’t do that often and have as poor a record as mine. If only Arizona had…Wait. Enough of that! Let’s get into today’s game summaries!

First on the schedule was Florida State and Southern Mississippi. If you weren’t paying attention all season, you might have missed the fact that FSU was a .500 team this year and a loss to SoMiss would give them their first losing season since 1976! You might have thought this was a no-brainer that didn’t need any digging around for stats to help you make your pick. If you did pay attention to FSU’s downward slide, you may have been a lot more cautious in making your choice. At the end of the day almost 80% of us sided with the Noles. QB James Blackman threw for 4 touchdowns and he and his teammates proved to be much more talented than their foes. With Jimbo Fisher gone as head coach, I hope the Noles can return to some resemblance of their former selves. Make Bobby B. proud!

If you asked me if I thought a team could win a bowl game with only 200 yards of total offense, I would have said “no”. Especially if the other team was going to approach 400. Add the fact that the lesser team had lost it’s last 4 straight bowl games and my answer would have been even more emphatic…unless that team was Iowa. The same team that gave Ohio State a black eye back in November with a lot of trickery and some stellar defense. Yeah, they could probably pull it off. And, so they did. Running back Akrum Wadley had a homecoming, of sorts, growing up just 20 miles from last night’s frozen Yankee Stadium turf. His final game showcased all his talent as he ran for 88 yards, caught passes for 24 yards, and returned kicks for 171! His returns on special teams were almost equal to what the rest of the team did on offense combined! Add them all together and he 283 yards on the day. Boston College’s 3 turnovers were likely the difference in the game, as the final interception sealed the game and prevented the game tying drive. The temperature in this game, with wind chill, was 12…Fahrenheit!

Next up was Arizona vs Perdue. Oh, Arizona, you had it! You came back to take the lead from a 17 point deficit in the first half! Your star QB, Khalil Tate, threw his 5th touchdown pass of the night to take the lead with 3:21 to play! Why couldn’t you find one last stop, like all the ones you had previously in the second half? Why did you let Sindelar throw for 396 yards and complete a 38 yard pass to essentially win the game? I know the fake kneel down in the first half hurt your feelings, but it only gained them 3 points. Ugh, you messed up my perfect night. SMH.

To close out the night, we got to watch two former conference foes battle it out for some Big 12 vs SEC bragging rights. OK, so it was only Mizzou and Texas, but still! I have said it in the past, as a Baylor Bear, I loath the Longhorns and I hate to pick them, ever, but I just felt that Texas had a good change against the Deserters, I mean, the Tigers. I don’t suspect either team to be much better next season, so they might need to keep these game plans on the top of the drawer. Missouri had a strong run at the end of the season with an extremely potent offense and many thought they had a strong chance to stop the rising Longhorns. Living in SEC country, 60% of our pickers thought that would be the case. Unfortunately, sloppy play caused a safety, a failed 2-point conversion, three lost fumbles, and one interception and the Tigers just couldn’t get out of their own way. Play this one again, clean up the mistakes, and I bet you money Missouri wins.

As I have already brought to your attention, I faired much better than in the previous days. I still hold down the bottom spot here in the office and Sprinkles continues her crazy luck. Before we opened our competition for 2017, I asked the office gang if we should skip all the lesser bowls and maybe just do the ones post Christmas. I have not checked to see what my record would be if I had done so, but I am willing to bet it would be a whole lot better. I have lots of hope and confidence moving forward!

Sprinkles: 16-6, Stride: 13-9, Scoot: 11-11, Leo: 10-12, Trip: 9-13, and Rambo: 8-14

Our first place holder is still clinging to her spot and sharing it with no one. I won’t give away her winning secret, but it is obvious she has a keen instinct and lots of football savvy! There was some shuffling around after yesterday so some of you may see your name in a different spot. Let’s see how the first few places look.

1st place: (17-5) Kelly Mensinger

tied with us: (16-6) Nancy Brenneman and Doug Markott

one spot back: (15-7) Jeff Esping, Joel Miller, and Ashley Kelly

off by two: (14-8) Rose Kinard, Nella Mitchell, Colin Kiener, and Thomas Benson III

A few of you had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday and I am sorry for that. I know how ya feel! That being the case, I am no longer at the bottom of our entire group. Some of you kindly took my place, of which I am grateful. As I type, today’s games have begun and I am already back to my losing ways. I’ll check back in tomorrow and recap another round of games.

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