2017 Bowl Bonanza Final Round-Up: The Agony of Defeat


It has been a tough bowl season in so many ways and the final game on Monday fell right in line. It felt like watching the Falcons in the Super Bowl of 2017. Man, can’t we Georgia based sports fans get a break!

It was certainly a tale of two halves or might we say, a tale of Tua’s half. Jake Fromm and the offense produced enough in the first half to give some amount of confidence to the fans and the defense certainly looked to be Alabama’s equal. Even in the second half it looked like Georgia was going to hang in and score enough to stay on top. The Genius on the sidelines for the Tide had other plans. Benching Hurts and sending in true freshman Tagovailoa was a semi-gutsy move that showed signs of desperation before it revealed its brilliance. Tagovailoa was not a pure rookie, having 470 passing yards, 8 touchdowns passes and two rushing scores on the season. Obviously, Saban knew what had in the stable and trusted the up and coming star. He wasn’t perfect, but he was certainly good enough to bring Alabama back to tie the game and potentially when it with a field goal. If the kicker had not slipped and missed the winning field goal, we would not have had the chance to see him shine one more time. After Georgia kicked a field goal in overtime and sacked Tua at the beginning of the Tide’s OT drive, the Dawg fans once again raised their hopes of winning the coveted title. With the second consecutive overtime game, Georgia was giving the nation more than it’s moneys worth of championship football. Tagovailoa dashed their dreams with an improbable 41 yard pass on the next play. Alabama was champs again, the fifth under coach Saban.

For our competition, the final didn’t change much of our standings. We finished with a tie in the office and no one was in reach of the overall winner. It was still fun to play our little game once again and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Our final resting places for 2017:

Sprinkles and Stride: 24-17, Leo: 21-20, Scoot: 20-21, Rambo: 18-23, Trip: 17-23

Congratulations to Nancy and her incredible string of picks in the final stretch. She pulled away so fast that no one had a chance to catch her in the final games. Even though she didn’t pick the overall champion correctly, her margin was so great it didn’t even matter. Here’s how the top pickers finished.

1st place: (30-11) Nancy Brenneman

2nd place: (27-14) Doug Markott

3rd place: (26-16) Kelly Mensinger

4th place: (25-17) Seth Lazansky, Jennifer Lancaster, Colin Keiner, Lisa, and Buddy Brantly.

Congrats to everyone who beat our picks. Your prizes will be sent out to you shortly. Thanks again for playing our game and giving us a run for our money. We love engaging with you outside of camp and we look forward to seeing your faces once again this summer!

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