2017 Bowl Bonanza Round Up #5: A Great Day and a Bad One

imagesToday will be short and sweet.  A full weekend of new year’s festivities, year-end stuff, church, and company, plus two full days of big games, equals too much to update. We had a lot of good football so I wish I could spend more time on each game. There are a lot of great games today, really big ones, so I would rather not sit in front of the computer too long, either. :-) I apologize if this doesn’t reach to expectations.

I finally had a perfect day. On Friday I successfully picked all 5 winners. The games didn’t go as I imagined, but they were still wins. The Wake Forest-Texas A&M game was crazy with all those scoring records and yardage records. That was one wild shootout. N.C State- Arizona State was just as the vast majority of us predicted. Arizona State held their own in the second half, but could not over come the deficit from the first. In the Wildcats Bowl we had some wild cats leave the game. Both QB’s got hurt, with Northwestern’s unable to return, and Kentucky’s RB got ejected for his response to an official. A 2 point conversion denied was the difference in the game. New Mexico State and Utah State had to take their game to overtime. Utah State missed three field goals in this one, the last one in OT being the most painful. New Mexico State took their OT opportunity into the end zone for the win. The last game of the night gave Ohio State reason to argue their case for a bowl championship game instead of the Cotton Bowl. They were absolutely dominant on defense and USC’s superstar QB, Sam Darnold, never could get set.

Saturday was a different story for me.

Louisville didn’t have the right game plan to stop first time starting Mississippi State QB, Keytaon Thompson, and 2016 Heisman winner Lamar Jackson couldn’t overcome 4 interceptions to keep pace. Iowa State lost its first fumble ALL SEASON, but used it’s tough defense to keep Memphis from scoring late in the fourth. Running back Saquon Barkley did not sit out, as expected, so Penn State was able to outlast Washington. In the last game of the night, Miami could not get enough turnover chain celebrations to take down Wisconsin. Coach Richt’s ‘Canes looked like they had it under control, but Wisconsin’s QB, Alex Hornibrook caught fire and could not be stopped.

1-3 on Saturday. Friday had me pumped and Saturday returned the 2017 Bowl Bonanza humbling. Here’s were we are:

Sprinkles and Stride: 22-13, Scoot: 20-15, Leo: 18-17, Trip and Rambo: 16-19

You guys had some great movement, but our newest leader exploded for a huge gain. She went 7-2 over the last two days and opened up here margin in a big way. I haven’t looked at her picks for today, but I think it may be too tough for anyone to catch her.

1st place:(27-8) Nancy Brenneman

2nd place: (23-12) Seth Lazansky, Jennifer Lancaster, Kelly Mensinger, Colin Kiener, and Doug Markott

tied with us: (22-13) Justin George, Carolyn Hickerson, Zachary Godfrey, Sarah Pedro, Jeff Esping, Heidi Berggren, and Trey Hodges

just a game behind: (21-14) Thomas Darga, Eric Hickerson, Kosh Fort, Julia Lancaster, Terry McBride, Heather Godfrey, George Pelekis, David Maggiore, Joel Miller, Lisa, Ashley Kelly, Melanie Tarpley, Buddy Brantly, Heath Bell, and Thomas Benson III.

Today’s game are underway and several of them are too close to call. I am sure some of us will be happy and some will cry. I may not see .500 this year, but I have some great people keeping me company!

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2 Responses to 2017 Bowl Bonanza Round Up #5: A Great Day and a Bad One

  1. Michael Hutter says:

    Checking to see if our picks were received for the contest (James Hutter, Cortavious Jackson, Michael Hutter) ??

    • Rambo says:

      Hey, Michael. I can find picks for you (20-20) and for James (16-24), but I do not see any for Cortavious. Not sure what happened. I checked the survey and do not find any responses one under his name. I am sorry.

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