Bowl Bonanza Round Up Day 3: Upset by the Weather


The end of season bowl games are an anomaly in sports. Not only because they all have really weird names but because they have absolutely no implications to them. A win or a loss means nothing more than bragging rights and a better resume for those trying to get into the NFL. That being said it means if weather is bad there is no reason to reschedule or to wait around too long before canceling the games. That is exactly what happened with the First Responder Bowl. The weather came and wreaked havoc to the point that they felt the need to cancel the game. While everyone in our bowl pick’em got a free win. It is hard for those seniors who were looking forward to one last game. Maybe even a chance to show off your skills to the NFL scouts and make yourself a career. It was just taken away because the games are not seen as important. But football was played yesterday so we will get into those games.

In Paul Johnsons very last game as the head coach of the Yellow Jackets, he fell short to a great Minnesota team who really just put on a clinic against the Atlanta school. Mohamed Ibrahim ran for a career high 224 yards and 2 touchdowns. Destroying the georgia tech defense. He took advantage of holes and lowered his shoulder when non were created. Georgia tech’s defense was just too undersized. In Paul Johnson’s last game I thought the triple option would pay off but they were held to one of their least productive games of the season. It just wasn’t enough, Geoff Collins has his work cut out for him.

Unfortunately for most this is one of the biggest upsets of our bowl bonanza competition. with 82% of those who filled out picks choosing Georgia Tech. I guess that is what happens when you are a camp whose family is mainly from Georgia. So far Georgia Tech’s loss is the only thing that Sprinkles is disappointed about this season. Keep an eye on Minnesota’s freshman running back because he has heart and works hard and obviously it is starting to pay off.

More like the Cheez-INT bowl, the defenses of Cal and TCU combined for 9 interceptions and stole the day to keep this a very low scoring game. This one was pushed to overtime as we all witnessed maybe the first ever successful “ice the kicker” timeout. TCU switched to their backup kicker at the end of regulation who shanked the kick. In overtime the starting kicker got to finish out the game, teaching his coach a lesson to trust him. TCU won this game by just three points. But even being a defense commanded game it was exciting and exactly what you want from a bowl game. Well if you picked TCU that is.

In the office it seems like leads never change. I may just be bitter because I am still in last place but there is still time!! I can make a comeback. It isn’t too late. It also isn’t too late for you. But Sprinkles is still making it hard, even with the Georgia Tech Loss.

1st – Sprinkles (14-4) 

2nd – Stride and Trip (13-5)

4th- Rambo (12-7)

5th- Scoot (10-8)

6th- Leo (9-9)

Honestly sad how I am barely sitting at 500 especially with the amount of time I spent on researching these picks. Don’t worry I will make a comeback but maybe not a nig enough one to beat these pick leaders from all around the country.

1st- Janelle Sanchez still at the top (16-2)

2nd- Doug Markott and Brande Grantham (15-3) 

4th- Bubbles, George Pelekis, and Knuckle (14-4) 

So the leaderboard still looks in about the same shape other than a slight slide from Bubbles. Who knows what could have changed with an actual game from Boise State and Boston College. Unfortunately, we will have to make up the difference somehow. I am still convinced Janelle may be moonlighting as an ESPN analyst or statistician. She is certainly doing better than these few.

Last Place – Zoe Humphrey (4-14)

Second to Last – Tom Roberts (7-11)

It is okay guys. No one can predict what will actually happen in these games. Also to be fair these people may not have filled out their survey until after a few games had played so that they have a few unearned losses. Plus at this rate you will probably still beat Leo. Who yes, once again probably spent the most time on filling this out of anyone. Best of luck in today’s games everyone.

The Stats

1. The Georgia Tech vs. Minnesota game was the biggest separator so far this bowl season with only 18% or 10 people picking them to win. Congrats on a big win to make up some ground.

2. This years Cheez-it bowl had the most INT in the history of the bowl.

3. With only one person picking Texas in the Sugar Bowl that game has the possibility to deal out the largest number of losses in bowl bonanza history if Georgia loses.

Losingly yours,

Peter “Leo” Gunnin

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  1. Knuckle says:

    I’m coming for that #1 spot, folks.

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