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Strong Rock Camp Reviews

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I can’t begin to tell you what Strong Rock Camp has meant to my children. It was the 1st time that they had ever been away from home. You have instilled something in my children beyond what I could have taught them and what the school is teaching them. They have such a greater sense of independence and initiative. Thank you for touching the lives of my children and so many others.

Hampton, GA

Justin loves everything about camp. He said it is the best two weeks of his year. He builds such great relationships with other campers and staff. He has a huge respect for his counselors and the staff and constantly brags on them.

McDonough, GA

I love the evening lifeline with Rambo. All the campers and counselors coming together to sing and worship and then listen to the message is the perfect way to end the day.

McDonough, GA

I picked up a different child last summer from the one I dropped off. He is very motivated to be still without distractions of TV, cell phones, etc. I think you all do a fantastic job on making first timers feel welcomed and a part of the fun.

Birmingham, AL

I really liked my counselor’s enthusiasm in archery. Playing volleyball in team sports was awesome. Most of all I loved it when we met up for Lifeline. I am definitely changed because of “The Faith Project”, and I have learned what it really means to have faith and trust in God!

Acworth, GA

I continue to be impressed with the selection and training of the counselors – the way they keep in touch with the parents during the session with a letter is so thoughtful and reassuring. They are kind, nurturing and fun – young adults that I think are great mentors for my children.

Cibalo, TX

The camp out was awesome! The Blob was probably one of my favorite activities. The food was amazing!

Charlotte, NC

The first thing my kids said to me without my asking was could they come next year for two weeks. They had a ball. Katelyn came home with a pen pal and has already written to her. I’ll definitely be sending both kids back next summer for a two-week session. Strong Rock’s facilities are wonderful and the pictures every day were great. This is the first time that she has been to camp and I was actually able to see her in action while she was there.”

Charleston, SC

Camp couldn’t get better, that’s how good it was!

Baltimore, MD

I appreciate how well you run the program. While I was a little apprehensive leaving my daughter at an overnight camp her first time last year, I didn’t blink an eye enrolling her this year. That is a nice feeling for helicopter parents like me!!!

Locust Grove, GA

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Maggie always has us sign up for the next year before we leave at the conclusion of her session. Strong Rock Camp is the highlight of her summer. She has made friends that she keeps in touch with throughout the year. Your counselors are the greatest, and will have a lasting impact on Maggie. She hopes to enter the HERO program this coming year. Thanks for all you do.

Atlanta, GA

Strong Rock Camp has been a very positive experience for our girls for the last three summers. They really look forward to camp every year, and we feel very comfortable sending our children to Strong Rock. Thank you for providing such a wonderful camp experience for them.

Saint Augustine, FL

Our children had a wonderful time! They still sing camp songs and their tribal songs. I appreciate the counselor’s interest and care for the well being of our children. They were a great example for our kids! The theme this year was an important one-I am glad they were able to have this experience!

Columbia, SC

We love Strong Rock and plan to attend every year, God-willing. Rebecca is extremely prompt at answering questions, the counselors are all wonderful, and David talks about camp year-round. He even wants to be a counselor when he gets older! We absolutely love it.

Brentwood, TN

Thank you so much for another fantastic summer. I don’t know how, but each year gets better and better. You guys are my second home, and I can’t wait to go back. I wish summer camp was year round!

Ackworth, GA

I like that even though I was the only kid that had a special need, they treated me like a regular kid! Some kids asked me why I walk so weird, so I just told them that I have cerebal palsy and then they were nice to me! They didn’t make fun of me!

Gainesville, GA

Thank you so much for the love and care that you showed my daughter. It was so hard for me knowing that she had strep and I couldn’t be there with her, but the communication with me and love you showed her meant the world to me. Her biggest conversation with me after camp was saying that she wanted to dedicate her life to Christ and how she talked with her counselor about it. Thank you. It takes a village to raise our children and I love that our first experience with camp was one that was positive and Christ-centered!

Mountain Brook, AL