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Contacting Your Child

We strongly encourage sending letters to your camper. Packages are not accepted during the session, but parents are allowed to leave up to two packages per camper on opening day. Food is not allowed in the cabins (rodents and bugs dislike this rule!). Therefore, all food is kept in our dining hall.

Kids are not allowed to call home because it disrupts the camp experience. We can get a message to your child in case of an emergency, but encourage the use of our parent e-mail service or a good old-fashioned letter instead. Please do not send faxes or emails to the office e-mail address.

E-mailing your camper is a great way to communicate with them quickly. Strong Rock has a secure e-mail service and summer photo gallery provided through the CampInTouch account that you create when registering for camp. For a small fee, you can email your camper and download photos. Emails are printed each day at 11:00am and are delivered at lunch. When emailing, you will have the option to request an E-Letter response. If requested, your child will have the opportunity to hand write you on barcoded stationary that will be uploaded to your private account when your child responds.

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Why do we have a no phone call/no cell phone policy?

The very nature of camp is that of a closed environment, a physically and emotionally safe “bubble” where amazing spiritual growth, maturity, and independence can happen. Phone calls interrupt the flow of the day, and can be very distracting for campers. We encourage parents and campers to leave all items of value at home, and cell phones are not only an interruption but a temptation for other campers who do not have one. Strong Rock’s directors understand and empathize with the many reasons a parent would want to speak with their child, including being able to tell if they “are truly okay and happy from the sound of their voice.” Most parents are satisfied that their children are doing well when they see them in the pictures that are posted to the website daily. We place great value on the trust you have in us to take good care of your child, and will certainly call you if the need arises.

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