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Skill Classes

Summer camp activities or skill classes? What’s the difference?

When people think about summer camp, they likely think about the camp’s activities. These activity programs, or classes, are typically designed to give campers a fun experience and hopefully learn a few things along the way. At Strong Rock Camp, we treat our daytime activity classes with more purpose.

Recreation is rooted in re-freshing, re-storing, or re-creating. God desires for us to find rest in Him and to have our spirit’s renewed and recharged. Because He created us each uniquely, we all find joy and refreshing in different ways. Through our skills classes, our intention is to help kids discover recreational pursuits they enjoy and connect with, which also connect them to their Creator. With repeat visits and new lessons each day, campers can develop the skills necessary to be proficient in an activity, taking home with them new interests and abilities that help them feel renewed and fresh for each day’s journey.

Fun is always a key ingredient and truly learning and becoming proficient at a new skill is fun!

What do kids learn at summer camp?

At Camp, kids learn to do things they may have never tried before. They learn they can persevere when something doesn’t come easily the first time, that there are some things in life they can’t do on their own, and that trust builds strong friendships. Kids develop patience, practice selflessness, and learn compassion.

We take pride in being an outdoor camp where children learn about themselves. The same counselors who are building relationships with your children in the cabins also lead our skill classes. Our mature counselors make it easy for your child to be included. They intentionally encourage kids, both in skill classes and in the cabin.

Our Christ-like role models know your children and love them for who they are, not who they are told to be. This mirrors how they are known by the Lord, whom they can see through the organic sharing of the Word we do in all of our programs and Lifelines. Whether in their cabins, in their activities, or even after a long evening tribal game, your child will feel at home and truly known in every aspect.

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As a reflection of the Lord’s generosity, we desire to pay 30% of each new camper’s tuition.

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Merit System

It is our desire to see each camper learn new skills and leave with a new hobby that they can enjoy for a lifetime. The merit system allows campers to strive towards clearly stated goals in each of their skill classes. While this is optional, campers who choose to participate can ‘level up’ when they meet these goals. Each level becomes more challenging than the previous and multiple summers will be needed to master each skill. Once levels are achieved in multiple classes, campers earn ranks.

Strong Rock Merit System Ranks