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Healthy Competition

The fun at our Christian camp doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Tribal competitions make wonderful memories for kids!

At Strong Rock we believe in winning and losing.

That means we must have competition. Every night we hold some sort of huge game in which all the campers at camp can compete. We create and tailor our games to incorporate every boy and girl. It is a great way to learn healthy and safe competition.

Not only do kids learn teamwork and how to play hard, but they also learn how to lose with dignity and use the loss to fuel them in the next game. This is where many of our favorite camp memories are created!

Tribal Competition

At Strong Rock, campers are placed on one of two tribes: The Waya or the Awahili. Each night our tribes compete in one our originial camp wide games for the Honor of the Warrior, our prize for winning the games. Tribes also compete throughout the session for our most coveted prize, The Pride of the Tribe, given to the tribe with the most spirit. Campers stay on their tribe for life, making their tribe a second family.

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Waya Tribe


Cherokee for Wolf

The red and black of the Waya Tribe is synonymous with a winning spirit and creative gameplay. Run Wolves Run!

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Awahili Tribe


Cherokee for Eagle

The Awahili blue and white is synonymous with loyalty to the tribe and determination in the games. Get ’em up!