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Cabin Life

Kids sleep in comfortable cabins at our Christian camp in North Georgia.

Summer camp is better together.

Our cabins are second to none with private indoor bathrooms and air conditioning — not to mention the welcoming environment provided by our counselors.

Cabin groups are made up of 12 boys or girls that live together in community. They eat “family style” in the dining hall, clean the cabin, hang out during rest hour, and have evening Lifeline together. Cabin groups foster a community where campers learn from each other, as well as learning to live with each other.

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Every cabin is led by 2 or 3 counselors. These strong Christian role models help maintain a positive and healthy atmosphere, lead cabin discussions, and create a fun environment all while setting a Christian example. Cabin areas are divided by gender and are assigned primarily by grade.

Living in a cabin is an opportunity to learn cooperation and build lasting relationships. There are very few times or places in life when your child will build bonds as strong as those forged in their cabin.

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50% Off All New Main Camp Campers

As a reflection of the Lord’s generosity, we desire to pay 50% of each new camper’s tuition.

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Coming to Camp Alone or with a Friend

It’s normal for a child to come to camp without knowing anyone. Kids make friends quickly, and cabin counselors intentionally help facilitate this.

If your son or daughter is coming to camp with a friend, and they both request to be in the same cabin, we will do our best as long as their grades are within a year of each other!