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A Word to Prospective Staff

Dear Applicant,

As the directors of Strong Rock Camp, we would like to convey our thoughts on what a camp staff member should be. We know that the quality of Strong Rock’s program depends on the quality of the staff we hire, and that no camp is ever better than its staff. For this reason, we ask that you take application for employment seriously, and more importantly, prayerfully. We strive to hire only those of the highest quality, character, and ability. This is our most important job as directors.

It is impossible to give an all-encompassing job description of a counselor. All staff positions are important and necessary to make the camp run smoothly and effectively, but the position of counselor may carry the most responsibility physically, mentally, and spiritually. We hire only mature, service-oriented men and women who take responsibility seriously. Each child is precious to his or her parents. For this reason we will only put them under the influence and supervision of staff who understand that children MUST be safe in every way: physically safe from harm, mentally and emotionally safe within their cabin group and while in classes, and spiritually safe by being free from discrimination.

As a counselor, you must be self-sacrificing in ways you have probably never been called to be before. Each counselor will have charge of no more than seven campers and will also be either lead instructor or assistant in daily skill classes. Camp is a technology-free environment, so accesss to your phone or the internet are limited, and campers do not have them at all whiile at camp. This job is very active and requires physical stamina and an appreciation of the outdoors. There are two days off during each two-week session, and unless on time-off, you will be expected to be on-duty 24 hours a day. The welfare and care of campers must be your primary focus, with time-off a secondary consideration. We expect you to feel needed at Strong Rock, and for you to be present and willing to do whatever is needed at any time, except during your scheduled time off. Starting pay for staff is $300/week, paid every two weeks, and the job includes all room and board.

Counselors must have a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We take this very seriously, and it is a must to be considered for a position. It is impossible to lead others where you have not been yourself. You will be a person of incredible influence with your campers, and they are keen observers of your daily walk and actions. If you take your accountability to the Lord seriously, that is a much greater influence on your behavior than anything we as directors can do or say. Our purpose at Strong Rock is to inspire abundant and purposeful living in our campers, and we believe this is only possible through a fulfilling relationship with Christ. A two-week session at camp may be a camper’s only opportunity to see what that looks like.

There are more benefits than can be imagined as a summer camp staff member. Those with a servant’s heart will reap enormous rewards; a big hug and tears from a camper at a session’s end because you have impacted his or her life, incredible friendships formed with fellow staff members, and a variety of both soft and practical skills that will be a benefit to every area of your work and home life going forward. Most important is the eternal reward that will be reaped when you hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Please think about your application to Strong Rock carefully, and with much prayer. We will consider your application to mean that you can meet these expectations. Know that we take prayer seriously in the hiring process as well, and believe that who everyone that becomes a part of our staff is here for a reason.

With Thanks,

James and Corie Himstedt
Owners / Directors

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