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Why Strong Rock?

Our mission is to help every child develop the confidence and independence necessary for them to become who God intended them to be, through the unconditional love, acceptance, and guidance of solid Christian role models.

Through experiences at camp, from skill classes and activities to social interactions, campers make discoveries about themselves, who God is, and their relationship to Him. To grow into who God created them to be they will need role models to help them make and understand these discoveries. Along life’s journey it will take courage and independence to stand firm on those discoveries.

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Be Known

We like to say that Strong Rock is a place where everyone can be fully known. We believe every person wants to:

  • Know themselves completely, their likes and dislikes, their passions and causes, their strengths and weaknesses, and who they were meant to be.
  • Have a deep, intimate, loving and trusting relationship with God where they truly understand how He sees them and why He created them.
  • Experience genuine relationships with others, where being fully known is safe.

We believe there is a yearning inside all of us to be known that struggles with what might happen if we were truly known. Some may say, “If God only knew all my mistakes, there is no way He would forgive me or love me” or “I have been hurt by others before when I shared things and I just don’t trust like that anymore.” Our desire is to help campers be strong and confident in who God says they are, be humble and honest with their shortcomings along life’s way, and to experience the freedom that trust and love, from God and others, can provide.

God created each person, and He has a plan for everyone. He has boundaries and guidance for life and how to live it by His design. He purposefully gave us relationships to help us grow and have companionship for our time on earth. To experience life to the fullest, we must be fully known.

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As a reflection of the Lord’s generosity, we desire to pay 50% of each new camper’s tuition.

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