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Camp Video & Daily Schedule

We fill every moment of camp with as much fun as possible!

Revolving around our 20+ skill classes, your child will have a blast as they learn new things, developing hobbies and interests that last a lifetime — plus there’s cabin time to spend with their incredible bunk mates and counselors. Each of these moments allow boys and girls to create meaningful bonds and make lasting friendships.

We wrap up our day with fun and friendly competitions, and then finish with small group Biblical discussions before a good night’s sleep… then we start it all again!

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Rise & Shine

7:30 Wake Up
7:45 Assembly / Flag Raising
7:55 Breakfast
8:20 Morning Lifeline
8:45 Cabin Clean-up
9:10 1st Skill
10:10 2nd Skill
11:10 3rd Skill
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Midday Fun

12:20 Assembly
12:25 Lunch
12:50 Camper Choice Sign-Ups
1:00 Rest Hour
2:05 Outpost
2:45 4th Skill
3:45 5th Skill
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Evening Excitement

4:45 Camper Choice
5:45 Cabin Time
6:05 Assembly
6:15 Dinner
6:40 Tribal Activity
8:30 Evening Snack / Shower
9:30 Evening Lifeline / Reflections
10:00 Lights Out

Looking for a Christian camp near you?

Strong Rock Camp is located in North Georgia — Cleveland, GA, between Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, Greenville, SC, and Asheville, NC. We’re a Christian summer camp for boys and girls, with kids from places like Spartanburg, Clermont, Simpsonville, Brooks, Orlando, Smyrna, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Rome, Marietta, Athens, Georgetown, Vienna, Franklin, and lots of other places too! If any of those places sound familiar and you’re searching for a Christian summer camp near you, check us out!