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Dear Strong Rock Family,

This is an introspective time of year for most. Many find themselves searching their relationships and lifetime experiences for things they are thankful for, or people they love most. Well here at Strong Rock is no different, and we are thankful for you and your family.

We really can’t explain how much it means to us that you trust us with your most precious possession. We know that your kids mean everything to you and letting them go, whether it be for one week or two weeks, is hard. It is an honor that you choose to let them come here trusting that they will be safe and have the time of their life with us. Our counselors are forever changed by your children and we have no one to thank other than you for that.

It isn’t everyday that people get to experience a moment like Justin receiving the first ever Chieftain of Strong Rock rank. Where we got to pray over him and share words of wisdom about life and what to keep in mind as he moves forward in maturity. We don’t get to just share long fireside chats everyday like the ones had at campout with Lily and Martha. There are few words to describe the feeling when you get to see Charlie’s hand raise at the end of the session saying he decided to follow Christ.

These are the moments that are an honor to be a part of. We love your kids. We truly love them for who they are and some of our counselor’s best life memories are with your camper. I wish I had time to mention every single one of them in this post, but you don’t want to read that much I guarantee it. Not only do we have amazing moments with your kids, we have amazing moments with you.

I will never forget the mom that came to the lodge weeping and asking if she did the right thing because her son was crying and asking to go home. We reassured her of her decision. Two days after closing day we receive a call from the same crying mother, because her son and daughter got home and immediately opened their bibles to share with her the verses they had learned. There is a Dad who remembers every staff member’s name and talks with our counselors about what they are studying in school and how he can be praying for them throughout the session. These stories are not few and far between they are an everyday reality of our summer.

It is for all those many things and so much more that we wanted to thank you. For loving your kids enough to invest in them for their future. We want to thank you for trusting us with the greatest thing in your life, your children. Whether we have to have a tough conversation with them, or they are a perfect angel, we see the things you love about them. We know them and their character. We know their likes and dislikes and their passions. We absolutely love them, and our lives wouldn’t be the same without them. So, thank you.

As we enter into Thanksgiving and Christmas, we remember you and we pray you remember us. We hope you see the difference in your kids and are thankful you allowed us to have them for part of the summer. We hope that as part of our family you feel cared for and loved. If you don’t please let us know how we can care for you better. Have an amazing Thanksgiving, and remember those you are most thankful for.