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If recently you’ve thought, “This weather seems perfect for sleeping outside” well then you’re in luck. The weather recently IS perfect for sleeping outside, just make sure you’ve got the right gear. Whatever is motivating you, here are a few steps, and pointers to get you out into nature for a campout night.

If you’ve been part of a Main Session here at camp, you’ve been on campout and already know how much fun it is. Ready to have a fun campout experience with your friends and family?

Find a place to go, whether it’s in your backyard, a local campground or up in the mountains somewhere. The first step is figuring out where. Bring some friends, or your family, it’s gonna be a good time. Once you’ve got eveything you need, it’s time to go camping. Make sure you get there with enough daylight to set up, and get everything going. Make sure you take care of wherever you go, and leave it better than you found it. If you’re ready to go, and wanting a little piece of camp memory at home, hit the road and go on campout!