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It’s been a long year, and as we approach Thanksgiving, we tend to look and reflect on the times we’ve had. We think about the last few months, as we’ve been working hard in school, and we’re thankful for the friends we have that we’ve gotten to see. We tend to think about the weather a lot, and some of us are glad it’s cooled down from this summer.

I know, some of us prefer the summer heat and that can just make us thankful for such a good summer when we had it. Speaking of summer, many of us are thankful for the time we spent at camp. The friends, the memories, and the lessons we learned from our time there. But if we think about it, these friendships and memories are not limited to June and July. God has so graciously given us time on this earth to make friendships at school, church, and anywhere else we spend our time.

As we think about all that we’ve been given we can remember all that God has done for us. Many of us are grateful for friends, for family, and for the community we have around us. We’re thankful for thanksgiving food, and for time out of school. Most of all, we’re thankful for the cross, for the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and the life that we are offered through this. There would be a lot less to be grateful for if it wasn’t for this new life and forgiveness of our sin we’ve been given. That sure makes me grateful God would do this for us.

I pray you think about these things, especially as we have adopted this time of year to think about what all we have to be thankful for. Enjoy the break from school, and the time with those close to you as you enjoy the season.