A Blog about a Blob

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One of the favorite free skill activities is the blob. It gets used almost everyday all summer long. Every winter, in order to keep it clean and refresh it for next summer we pull it out of the water. (I know, that means we can’t blob when its 30° out…) This is always an interesting process as the blob is tied off to some anchors under the water. We have to get in the cold water to untie the ropes,and float the blob to the shore. We pull it up onto the shore, this takes lots of people helping as it’s really heavy. We let the air out and then fold it up to tote it off to clean it. We take it in the gym , and remove the bladder from the inside of the yellow and blue shell. Once we have gotten it apart, we are finally able to look inside, and we know now why we actually got it out of the water.

Contrary to popular belief, turns out the arrowhead is actually NOT in the blob.

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