Back to School

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By this point, many of our schools are back in, and as we all know, life is getting busy. As we get into the swing of things, we’ve got schedules to keep, school supplies to find, homework to do, and extracurriculars to get to. Between it all, it’s not uncommon to feel tired, busy, and distracted. There are many things that will come up between it all, and I think back to the summer as long days at camp would leave you feeling tired and busy, and I think of how helpful it is to have friends beside you on those days.

For myself and many others, I need encouragement to get me through the hard days, and the long weeks of school and I remember how much better it is to have people beside you to help push you along. As school begins, don’t wait to look for friends and let them know when you need help with things. On the same note, be there and be available for your friends. If you’re struggling with something, odds are that someone else is too.

In addition to having people on your team to keep you going, it’s important to rely on scripture to help encourage you too. Getting in the word everyday is a good way to keep Jesus close at mind and it will become a constant source of encouragement when you need it.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of scripture that I like to look back at in various situations.

These are just a few, but I encourage you to keep digging into scripture, spend time with the Lord in prayer and keep these things close to you as you go throughout your days. School, work and all that surrounds this can be hard, but with friends, family, and a God who is on our side, we can get through whatever is in our path.