There's no Place Like Camp.

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They say there’s no place like home, for many of us, we’d call Strong Rock home. Maybe we could change the phrase… “There’s no place like Strong Rock”. I’d say that statement would speak for itself.

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Nestled at the base of the Appalachian mountains, North Georgia is certainly one of the prettiest places in the country. The tree covered mountains, the fresh air, the glistening lakes, it all makes Strong Rock a welcome replacement to the everyday. But what is it about camp that makes it feel like home for so many of us? Is it the friendships we make? Or maybe the peace at camp? It could be the feeling of the mountains all around us as soon as we enter the gate. It may be the memories we’ve made, and the life changing moments that have come from the time we’ve spent here.

Regardless of your reason (or reasons), there is certainly something about camp that makes it special to the ones who spend time here.

We know camp, and we know what goes on inside camp, but what about right outside? Cleveland and the surrounding area in the North Georgia area is a very special place. Here are some of our favorite places in the area:

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We know camp is so special, but with a little insight to the area around, you too can understand why so many people are proud to call this place home, and why so many others love to spend their time here.