Showing God's Love this Season

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When we think about Feburary, and Valentines Day, our minds can be flooded with thoughts of heart shaped candy, pink and red decorations, and lots of little cards. We also tend to think of the things we “love” in our everyday life. I “love” a good cheeseburger, a warm jacket on a cold day, time at camp or a day relaxing at the lake. There are many things that come to our minds and throughout our culture thinking about February 14th, but how often do we think about the greatest act of love we can ever be a part of? Even if we don’t have candy, cards, or flowers, do those around us still experience the love we show? See, as Christians we are called to be a reflection of Christ, and the love we have been shown through his sacrifice on the cross.

As we are reminded by Valentines day of all things love, we should take this as a moment to think about the love we’ve been shown, and how our lives show this love to those around us. Are the people I interact with everyday aware of the heart-change I have because of the way I love them? This is a great question to ask yourself, and could be a start to a great conversation with those close to us.

As you begin to ponder this, it becomes clear where in your life you could show a little more love. It doesn’t have to be difficult to do this, it can be simple things. Call someone you care about that you haven’t talked to in a while. Send a card, especially nowadays. It’s pretty special to get a handwritten note in the mail, I think we can all agree on that. Sometimes the best way we can show love is to be present in our lives with those around us. Listen to what others have to say, lend a hand when people need help, and all of these are ways we can grow our heart in love and to be a better reflection of Christ to those around us.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this While we were still sinners Christ died for us” - Romans 5:8

What better example of love do we have than this? Thats the love we have in us, that we should be excited to share! As we go through this time of year, this is a good time to adopt this mindset, but it doesn’t stop on the 29th. Or the 28th… but that’s beside the point. We should be excited to share this message through our love all year long.