Camp at Home

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When you’re missing camp - first, know you’re not alone. I think I can speak for most of us when I say I miss camp as soon as I go home. What you’re about to read are a few ways, some are practical, and some may be a little impractical, but I’m sure you’ll feel a little closer to camp if you do them.

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To start, the night before your day you can set an alarm, and then get up early. It may be hard to get up some days, but waking up as the morning starts is a great way to get the most out of your day and fit all the different activities you can do everyday!

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Make your bed! No one wants to lose cabin cleanup because of some untidy beds, so a good way to add some camp-structure to your day is to do that. While you’re at it, I’m sure some other tasks can be done, but you may have to wait until summer to get another golden plunger.

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Sing some camp songs, whether it’s before meals, walking around, or just sitting with your friends. Singing camp songs is a sure way to improve almost any situation!

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Spend some time outside! We know at camp we spend a lot of time outside, so getting some sun and doing some outside activities like going for a walk or a hike, fishing, playing a ball game, or just enjoying a little bit of creation are sure ways to make your time away from camp feel a little more “campish”. Finding a lake, a pool, or even a garden hose and sprinkler can also be good ways in the summer months to cool off and spend some outside time. Remember sunscreen!

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Spend some time in God’s word. Just like at camp, where we have lifeline and read and talk about the bible, doing it at home is a good way to grow your relationship with Christ, and to also structure your day, just like we would at camp.

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Have a campout night! If it’s in your backyard, a local campground, or your living room, find some camping food, friends or family and hangout, it’s a sure way to make your weekends feel like camp.

These are just a few fun tips to make a day feel more like one at camp, but get creative! Think about what makes camp so special to you. We all have things that make our time at camp so memorable, but for lots of different reasons. Talk with your friends and family, and brainstorm the ways you can make a lifetime of memories outside of camp… until summer, when we’ll make more together here at Strong Rock!