Sweet Summertime

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School is ending, the days are getting hot, and we’ve been preparing for campers here at Strong Rock. Since August, we’ve had retreat groups here on campus, so camp has still been busy, but soon we will have tribal cheers, evening games, and skill classes going on. I know I’m excited!

What else do you have planned this summer? Are you going on any trips? Are you going to enjoy some much-needed rest at home? I know we’ve all got summer plans and no matter how big or small, I know we’re going to enjoy them.

As we near sessions beginning, I think about what a year it’s been. We’ve gotten through another year of school, and have made so many memories along the way. We’ve celebrated Christmas, Easter, and a New Year. All along, I’ve been reminded of camp. What camp has taught me in the summer and the things I bring into my everyday life, and I think about my relationship with Jesus that has been strenghtened and challenged from things taught at camp as well. It’s so cool to see how a seemingly short amount of time inside the gates of Strong Rock can make such a big impact for the rest of the year. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ve heard others express the same thing. Camp is not only a fun time, it’s so impactful.

I’s so grateful to have spent time here, and I’m excited for all the new memories that will be made here at camp so soon! See you at Camp!